2016 Year In Review

2016 went by pretty fast. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how hard I thought it was. Even though we’re almost a month into 2017, I wanted to recap some of the good things that happened last year and share some parts that stood out to me.

Here’s a recap of our year by month:


+ We took a family trip to the National Harbor. We had a great time.

+ I continued to multitask.

+ We babysat to test drive what having three kids would be like.

+ We hosted a sleepover for two four-year old BFFs (this is a lot harder than it looks!)

+ There was a huge snow storm. We napped after playing in it, I made donuts from scratch, and we wore the baby a lot.


+ Taylor had his first powdered donut. It began an addiction.

+ I owned Valentine’s Day with homemade valentines for T + T. We kept dressing the boys in matching outfits.

+ We had another snow day.

+ We made a birthday cake for my dad.


+ I interviewed one of my best friends. Then I wrote this and talked about freedom.

+ We had a family photo shoot with LuLuEdward Photography (my favorite). She got some good ones.

+ I went to a Style Magazine happy hour with the Beckies. <3


+ We dyed Easter eggs like only Forneys dye Easter eggs. We also went to the Annmarie Sculpture Gardens and it was a gorgeous day.

+ We went to Barnes & Noble a lot.

+ We took a family trip to IKEA and it was memorable.

+ Tucker came to work with me on Bring Your Child to Work Day.

+ The boys started playing a lot of hockey.

+ I went to the Baltimore County Public Library’s annual Taste of the Town gala for an evening in the stacks!


+ Tucker started Lacrosse!

+ We took to Camden Yards for an Orioles game in the middle of the workday!

+ We had a really great Memorial Day weekend.


+ We spent time at Bel Air First Fridays drinking beer with kids.

+ We were poolside in Fenwick Beach for a glorious week. We reconnected.

+ I hung out in a swan float.

+ I spent my 30th birthday on the water.

+ We played more hockey.


+ We ate crabs.

+ I started gearing up to launch a business.

+ I started getting *real* with people on Instagram.

+ It got really hot. And we did backyard water stuff. And front yard water stuff.


+ It was my first time as a chaperone at Tucker’s field trip to the zoo.

+ We put in hours getting ready to launch The Press Market.

+ Then we made it official. Let’s work together!

+ I got to write some fun things for PRCouture.com.


+ We visited great friends on the Eastern Shore. The kids bonded.

+ I got ready for Ravens season! Tucker was still the best part of their season.

+ I read more books.

+ We took our first family trip to an amusement park – Dutch Wonderland!

+ Taylor turned two. He got an industrial bubble machine for his birthday.


+ We ate our weight in oysters at the National Oyster Fest.

+ We got ready for Halloween. I think we had fun.


+ I published my very first #DearDiary post on Instagram.

+ I went to the Harford County Public Library annual gala and for our official business website launch. We donated PR and marketing service hours to the silent auction.

+ We tried Terra’s Kitchen.

+ Had an epic Thanksgiving with oysters and beer.


+ I let the kids decorate the Christmas tree this time.

+ I made a Pitching, Planning and Posting PR Calendar for businesses. It’s free.

+ We experienced Paradise Donuts. Nom.

+ We celebrated Aunty’s birthday.

+ I got real about how 2016 actually really rocked our family.


2017 is already off to a great start (hello – I won a $2,500 vacation already and the month isn’t even over yet!!) and I have high hopes for the next 11 months of this year. Keep up with me here to see it all go down live.

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