Before the January Forney File launches to an inbox near you, we thought it would be helpful to shed some further light on this misunderstood relic of the social media and blogging world. By Instagram and Twitter standards, a newsletter might be considered an archaic form of content delivery. But Forney File is no fossil.

If you aren’t already subscribed yet, hopefully this will seal the deal: (statistically) you read your emails more often than when you will see the latest Instagram photo, Facebook post and even tweet. More importantly to Forney File, you will actually absorb, digest and consider the content in a newsletter for much longer than the three seconds it takes to thumb through a social media feed full of your friends’ engagement announcements, baby pictures and videos anyway: all (basically meaningless) crap.

We’re looking for something deeper than that viral Facebook post about the cat riding a Roomba vacuum (although we did laugh almost every time it popped up). And we’re tired of being targeted with Facebook ads for Dollar Shave Club (even if we have possibly been researching it for a potential Christmas gift). Instead of sifting through the crap on Facebook to get to the good stuff (hint: that’s us), you can just subscribe to something much more organized, reliable and gripping (us, too). Forney File means less crap, no spam and passionate posts, not staged, scripted or even mandatory.

So, sip your morning coffee with Forney File and read as if we’re pen pals. The kind that only write once a month because we’re busy, but no less important or compelling. It’s like the low maintenance friendship you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to ignore text messages with. Become a fellow Filer.

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