New Here?

Have you been searching for your very own PR Pro Friend? One who can guide you in effectively promoting your business and brand in the 21st century while delivering cool AF experiences for your clients that keep them converting (but will also keep you laughing with a good TWSS ref)? That’s where I come in.


I’m Bridget and I empower small business owners to get visibility for their business via a coordinated mix of growth hacking and contemporary PR + content + and digital tactics that really make a splash. I help companies build brand affinity like nobody’s business.

As a PR, food and lifestyle correspondent, I report on everything from family and kids to PR tactics, clients, and collaborations. January 2016 was the official start of Forney File: a once-a-month email newsletter sharing stories that asked entrepreneur-minded readers to think differently about everyday life topics. We’ll continue to write and share stories that make you think and you can subscribe to get them in your inbox, but you can always find the latest right here (and we’re less married to words that start with “f” now, but old habits die hard). You can explore the new setup launching this month which will be our fresh start in 2017. Here are a few things to check out first (and some bonus favorites I’m sharing to make your life easier):

Some Bonus Favorites:

I tag my #PRprofriends on Instagram and Twitter often. Find + follow if you want to be one!

Trello is my go-to tool for tracking pitches, projects and life.

Grammarly is the way to go if grammar and punctuation aren’t really your thing.

Boomerang your emails so you can track and send them when it makes the most sense to you.

Notion is a dose of artificial intelligence your inbox probably needs.

Wunderlist can organize your life and integrate across all devices so you take your lists with you (or at least, I do).

Toggl helps you track your time (use it in a trial run and surprise yourself by how much time you really spend on projects for clients…or just perusing Instagram).

Planoly will organize your Insta squares and it’s what the pros use.

Albert app stashes cash so you always have some spending dough, even at the end of the month (V important).