As a young girl, you’re immediately taught in your formative years to believe that Cinderella was the victim in the age-old fable. The evil stepsisters and step mother of the fairy tale wronged her, taking advantage of Cinderella’s only opportunities to land a man while offering her empty promises to have fun as long as she finish the housework first. Because having to complete your chores before you go out and have fun isn’t real life? Being a full-time working mother of two in the twenty-first century has taught me better than that.

We’re led to believe that Cinderella was given so much work to do by her step-family than she could ever possibly finish in time to go to her party. Welcome to real life. Where thCinderellae laundry of Sisyphean proportions, the cleaning of the floors, and the feeding of the dogs never ends. Even waking my husband in the morning has a scarily-similar resemblance to Cinderella delivering morning tea to her step-mother. I’ve been awake for hours, had my coffee, got myself dressed (without the help of woodland animals handing me my clothes), did my hair, packed the kids’ lunches and started laundry (again) while he and our three dogs cuddle under the covers before I leave for work.

I’m not complaining, I’m just saying Cinderella should look elsewhere for sympathy.


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