I was in a job interview once when I was asked what my greatest life accomplishment was. When I answered with mention of my proudest award moments, project achievements at work and, you know, that small task of bringing my children into the world, the interviewer refused to accept those answers and prompted me to “dig deeper.”

I left the interview unable to offer an acceptable answer. I thought about the question further, the answers I gave, and then considered what I believe to be the actual truth.

The truth is, my gift is taking otherwise ordinary occurrences and, through my writing, finding a way to make them extraordinary stories that connect with people, inspire others or make them think twice.

My biggest accomplishment in life is telling those stories through my writing and connecting with people through my words; encouraging them to think differently and even influencing them to take an action they otherwise might not have.

Storytelling and writing, and making readers of my work feel connected, inspired, encouraged, motivated, emotional or just feeling like they are not alone is a craft I’ve worked hard to learn, perfect and grow.

I once read that good writing connects people to one another, to other living creatures, to stories and ideas, and to action. It allows people to see the world from a different perspective. Being able to do that, on however small a scale, is my greatest accomplishment (so far).

I also read recently that without connection, there is suffering. Without connecting to other people in life, we suffer as basic human beings. Writing and storytelling constantly works to connect with people and help people connect with each other.

At the root of it all, that’s what Forney File is all about and I’m excited that my writing and stories are finally moving in a purposeful, unified and organized direction. If you haven’t signed up for the once-a-month magazine-style newsletter yet, you can do that here.

What’s your greatest life accomplishment so far?

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