About Me

Changing the world is not impossible. By delivering a premium work product, using radical candor, leveraging data, growth hacking strategies, and, as Jobs said, "doing the right thing," anyone can move the needle. I turned innovation into a PR artform by developing some of my clients’ most groundbreaking and newsworthy campaigns early in my career as a publicist. Now I build modern PR campaigns that bring brands to life in unexpected ways and make a big splash. I also analyze and measure traffic data and digital metrics behind editorial products to optimize brand journalism and content marketing efforts.

When it comes to pitching, I never blind copy email recipients or lazily blast lists upon lists (and that’s not something you see every day in the PR world). I prioritize one-to-one interaction with journalists and media near and far whom I've spent years building connections with. I give every experiential approach purpose and intention. My goal is to conceptualize and offer clients creative, one-of-a-kind experiences and collaborations that make sense to a modern consumer.

I’ve partnered with media across the country to tell great client stories. I was honored by the Public Relations Society of America as New Professional of the Year in 2010, as well as The Daily Record as one of Maryland’s Top 20 in Their Twenties in 2015. PRNews also listed me as one of their Rising PR Stars 30 & Under in 2016 and in 2017, I was named one of Maryland's Leading Women.

I’m a mom of dragons (boys). All my best work really is done on one leg, standing like a flamingo pretty much every day. You can follow me and my #PRprotips, #PRprofriends and #PRprolife on Twitter or Instagram @BridgetForney.

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