Hello, Forney Fans!

Oh, freedom. It drives us all in so many ways. It influences what we do, say and think about every day. Financial freedom, freedom to live the lifestyle we want, freedom to do work we enjoy, freedom to live without the weight of past mistakes, freedom of shame, freedom of time. It’s something we’re all looking for, can’t seem to get enough of and don’t want to let go of when we have it.

This File focuses on freedom. If you don’t know about it yet, each Forney File newsletter focuses on an under-publicized or under-thought about life topic, to help us think about how it drives our passions, thoughts and actions. Each newsletter empowers us to think about everyday life super differently. Because when we think about life stuff outside of the box, our minds are stimulated to create better, love more and connect more meaningfully making us more powerful in business and in life.

This Freedom File features an interview with freedom-hungry FloYo founder, Jessie Benson, who fled the corporate life on a quest for adventure and continues to live freely traveling from England to Nicaragua to America and beyond. We talk about freedom in the physical sense, as well as inner freedom.

This File also continues to feature some incredible work by creative entrepreneur and lifestyle photographer, Lindsay Henderson Edward of LuLuEdward Photography who beautifully captures the attitudes and lives of families in her work. She poses the question, “what would you do if you embraced your freedom to wonder, to just try?”

This File’s contributors made us think differently about living freely, defining a new idea of freedom and embracing what freedom means to each of us as individuals. Thanks for following. And don’t forget, if you like it, share it.