The Vulnerability File has been a long time coming and in true Forney File form, it bares all. If you don’t know about it yet, each Forney File newsletter focuses on an under-appreciated, under-publicized or under-thought about life topic, as myself and a few really cool intellectuals, professionals, illustrators, photographers and essayists narrow in on it and expose how it influences the basic things we say, think, do and work on day-to-day. The File aims to help us think about what drives our passions, thoughts and actions, and just think of an everyday life topic super differently.

In teeing up this File, I read Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. She talks about how fear is the thing that holds us back from being vulnerable, being honest with how we feel, “showing up” and “being seen.” With this month’s personal essay, it’s certainly what kept me from pushing the “send” button on this File (on time). But, if like Brown says, “vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity and change,” then it’s fitting that the first Forney File starts here.The Vulnerability File features interviews with former SVP, Global Communications, Donna Karan International and best-selling author, Aliza Licht who faces vulnerability even during fantastic success; and a foreword from Dr. Jack Zimmerman, a cardiothoracic surgeon from Johns Hopkins who performed some of the very first open heart surgeries in the nation there, taking a look at vulnerability from a medical standpoint.

Don’t miss the Forney File Feature interview with an unsung local and up-and-coming artist, Denise Tillman. This File also features some incredible work by Lindsay Henderson Edward of LuLuEdward Photography who beautifully captures the attitudes and lives of families in her work. Last, but not least, the vulnerability File features a personal essay about the risks and rewards involved with making new friends.

From funny to honest and, of course, vulnerable, this month’s contributors made us think differently about what it means to have an open heart. If you missed the January Vulnerability File, you can check it out here. And don’t forget, if you like it, share it. 

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